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Staying Warm for Training During Winter

Winter is officially upon us, and especially for those who live in more frigid parts of the world, it can take a tremendous toll on the body. Any extreme temperatures – hot or cold – can drastically affect our performance. While most training occurs indoors, some tournaments and classes still hold sessions outdoors. For anyone who finds themselves in colder weather, there are a few key things that one should do to prepare for training during adverse weather properly.

Dress Appropriately

One of the first things is to make sure you dress appropriately. You may see many people walking to the gym simply in basketball shorts and a t-shirt anticipating how much their body temperature will rise during the workout. However, this will only leave your body unnecessarily exposed to the elements and will cause your immune system to drop due to your body working so hard to stay warm.

When traveling to and from BJJ sessions, make sure to wear what is needed to keep your body warm. Many people tend to increase the intensity of their workouts during colder months to warm up their bodies faster. Wearing proper outer gear, such as a jacket and sweatpants, will also help when you leave your session so that your bare skin, which will likely be sweaty after a session, will not be directly exposed to the frigid air.

Warm Up Before Training

Another thing is ensuring that a warmup is part of your training routine. This is vital during all routines, even while not exposed to extreme temperatures. It's essential to warm up your muscles and joints before the intensity of a workout that BJJ entails. In colder months, your muscles and joints tend to tense up in response to the climate.

A warmup will help loosen those muscles and get them activated before jumping right into a training session. This will also help prevent injuries by allowing your body a proper transition from being tense in the cold to limbered up to full-on training.

Establish a Routine

The cold inherently makes us want to curl up and hibernate. It's tough to beat that sluggish and fatigued feeling that comes with winter. One of the best things to do early in the season is to establish and set a very regimented training schedule to keep you on track with your training.

Working out and keeping your body moving during the winter months will help keep your body healthy, your metabolism regulated, and your immune system strong. You'll naturally feel a bit warmer after a session simply from getting your heart rate up and your body actively engaged.

BJJ is a sport that you can participate in all year round. We want to ensure that you know the proper measures to take during each season so that not only is your performance during each BJJ session at its optimal weather but also that you are preventing injuries, staying healthy, and accomplishing your goals.

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