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The Benefits of BJJ: How Martial Arts Can Improve Discipline and Confidence

While BJJ has tremendous physical benefits, many students and participants also realize that they also receive mental, emotional, and social benefits from participating in BJJ. Being a very disciplined and regimented sport, BJJ has been seen as almost therapeutic for many of those who participate. Others enjoy the camaraderie of training with others and climbing the belt rankings with their fellow BJJ students and peers. All these personal development and mental health aspects of BJJ help not only develop discipline but also instill and grow confidence.

Instilling Discipline

Discipline is the foundation of any martial art, and BJJ is no exception. BJJ students must follow a strict training schedule, which includes regular attendance, punctuality, and consistent practice. BJJ students must also follow a code of conduct as soon as they enter the class. This code of conduct demands respect for their instructors and peers, as well as helping ensure their classroom is maintained and respected.

To start learning BJJ techniques and moves, students are taught through the constant repetition of the same actions until they master proper form and execution. To win matches and defeat their opponents, BJJ students must master a wide range of techniques, which can take months or even years to learn. The repetition of these techniques, both in drills and sparring, helps to develop discipline by reinforcing the importance of practice.

During spars and matches, BJJ students are taught to stay calm under pressure, even when in the face of their opponent. They must have discipline and control over their emotions and even, at times, fear. This mental discipline is essential in training and everyday life, as it helps individuals remain calm and focused in challenging situations.

Improving and Growing Confidence

BJJ is a physically demanding sport. It requires strength and endurance, and BJJ techniques challenge students' bodies to move in ways that they may not be used to or comfortable doing. This allows BJJ students to gain confidence in their physical abilities by seeing the full capabilities of what their bodies can truly do. As students begin to master and learn new techniques, their confidence will grow, as well as their strength, agility, and endurance.

BJJ also teaches individuals how to deal with adversity and overcome obstacles. BJJ became popular because it showed audiences how a person of a smaller size could defeat and submit someone who is much larger than them. As students begin to learn and master BJJ moves and win more matches, they will gain confidence in their abilities and the way they can artfully and skillfully defend themselves against opponents of various sizes. This gives students the confidence to know they can overcome situations that may seem or feel impossible. Still, it will also provide them with the confidence to learn and try new things after seeing how far they have come in BJJ and how much they have physically learned, developed, and grown.

BJJ also promotes a sense of community and support. This camaraderie helps to build confidence by creating a sense of belonging and support, as students are surrounded by those who share the same passion for the sport and diligence for learning. This is especially helpful when students are climbing through the belt rankings. They can lean on one another for practice, tips, and guidance. Creating new relationships with people helps grow confidence in knowing that students have those who will cheer them on and help them learn and grow.

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